John Wick 2 Video: Keanu Reeves vs. Common

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This weekend the first true action flick of the year is primed to take a shot at the box-office. Keanu Reeves is back in his latest signature role with John Wick: Chapter 2 and the buzz for the sequel has steadily grown since the follow-up was officially announced. Critics have been largely pleased with the sequel to the surprise 2014 hit, with the sequel currently enjoying a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer and advanced reviews claiming that it does not disappoint.

The first movie followed Wick, who has retired from his career as a professional hitman and settled into a normal life after the death of his wife. In her final act, she gives Wick a puppy to provide the world-weary assassin something to care about. A random encounter with the son of a crime boss results in a robbery of his car and the murder of his new dog. The events activate Wick’s killer instincts, who proceeds to go on a murderous path of revenge and vengeance.

The sequel finds Wick globetrotting around the world, in a film that seems to have a bigger scope and scale than the original. While director Chad Stahelski seems to have retained the stylish action and creative gunplay affectionately known as gun-fu. Today, a new clip was made available from John Wick: Chapter 2, that features Reeves meeting a rival assassin, played by Common, on the dance floor. The two size each other up, before grabbing their guns and doing the only dance that they know.

The clip from John Wick: Chapter 2 indicates that while the dynamic action from the first movie will stay intact, while the level of danger only rises for Wick. As he is up against even more capable assassins than before. Wick has mastered the craft of assassinations and possesses an impossible level of control and accuracy, so should be a treat to see him pitted equally lethal mercenaries.

Common has found himself in the news recently, as recent reports have surfaced indicating that Warner Bros. is looking for their next pair of Green Lanterns for Green Lantern Corps. The actor has indicated that he would be open to reprising the role, as he was already cast as John Stewart in George Miller’s failed Justice League Mortal film, that was mere weeks away from going in front of cameras. Since that time, Common’s profile has only risen which has given hope to many of his fans and the actor himself.

While John Wick: Chapter 2 appears destined to eclipse the success of the first movie, it’s still unclear if the character and franchise is able to make the leap into the A-class of action films, and take the crown from other signature franchises, such as the Bourne or James Bond films. Fortunately, we will all find out at the end of the week.

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