Is Hugh Jackman Teasing A Yellow Wolverine Costume In Logan?

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There’s every chance that Logan will be the last time we ever get to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. When the film was first announced it was intended to be a swansong, and while there’s now some question over whether the actor may go back on his word for a Deadpool or X-Force rossover, the trailers so far have really played up the character’s age and the passing of the clawed torch to X-23.

While it’ll be sad to see him go, it’s fair to say Jackman’s covered all of Wolverine’s bases: across nine movies and seventeen years, he’s played pretty much every iconic version of the character, from recluse James Howlett to Weapon X, from berserker rage to X-Men leader. However, there is still one key part of Wolverine (and indeed X-Men) mythology the star’s yet to tumble with: the yellow suit.

That may be where Logan comes in. On his official Twitter, Hugh Jackman has shared an image of a black-and-yellow Wolverine simply entitled “THE ORIGINAL.”, which seems to point towards the classic look making an appearance in the film.

The yellow color scheme has been a mainstay of the X-Men comics since their inception, but for the team’s big screen debut in 2000’s X-Men Bryan Singer decided to ground things with leather suits (and even had Cyclops jokingly quip “what would you prefer? Yellow spandex?”). It was rather fitting at the time, but as the series has gone on its inability to embrace this core comic element has become a big sticking point, especially as the filmmakers keep coming so close. The costumes were almost teased in The Wolverine’s ending, only for the scene be recut before release. Singer later claimed Days of Future Past would change things up (it didn’t) and dark battle suits made a further return in Apocalypse, with the traditional colors only glimpsed briefly in the film’s final training sequence.

There is actually a logical way for the costume to appear in Logan. Although the film is set in the year 2029 where most mutants are missing, the second trailer revealed that the legacy of the X-Men will live strong through comics. The Wolverine shown in Laura Kinney’s books wore that traditional get-up, so it’s possible we’ll see a flashback to what really happened in those pages, spandex and all, or the old costume tossed aside. Jackman’s “Original” titling on his tweet would definitely chime with that.

Of course, there’s every chance the actor is simply showing off a model of the character or even trolling fans. There’s been nothing to suggest that Logan will feature any suit at all and something so vibrant may not fit the dour tone James Mangold’s going for. That said, the director did say in 2013 he was aware of the fans’ desire for the yellow look and that The Wolverine‘s version only didn’t make the cut because of narrative clashes with Days of Future Past; if he has found a way to make the costume fit into the movie, then he’ll hopefully have taken it.

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